Palakkad: The accused in connection with the pregnant elephant killing case in Kerala revealed to police that the crackers were not stuffed in a pineapple but in a coconut. The accused, Wilson, also added that he used to hunt forest pigs using the approach.

According to sources, he is the third accused in the Kerala elephant killing case. The arrest of one person, Wilson, from Edavanna, was recorded while two other suspects were being questioned by officers.

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It is also learned that the elephant ate the crackers stuffed in the coconut meant for pigs, which was kept in an agricultural field.

Earlier, experts said that the pregnant elephant ate what is called a "pig cracker", intended to scare wild boars away from crops.

 A post-mortem report revealed that the elephant was pregnant and had a broken jaw.

The pregnant wild elephant in Silent Valley Forest fell victim on May 27

The tusker's murder was brought to the people's attention by a forest officer identified as Mohan Krishnan, who was part of the Rapid Response Team to rescue the elephant.