Jangalmahal has played a major role in the transformation of West Bengal. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has time and again stated in her speeches that development has begun in Jangalmahal and there are no signs of Maoist movement in the area. She also said that bloodshed, loss of life, tears of losing relatives are all over now in Jangalmahal. But the reality is different in Jangalmahal.

According to reports, Maoist movement is still being carried out in Jangalmahal and nearby areas. Many cases have come up where people have lost their lives at the hands of Maoists. Torture and suffering prevail in the entire area.

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According to villagers, 81 people went missing in Jhargram district, 26 in West Midnapore, 1 in Bankura, and 18 in Purulia during the Maoist rule. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee promised to stand by the families of the missing and the martyred. But then 10 years have passed no help has been forthcoming from the government. The family of the deceased did not even receive death certificates. The families went to the district magistrate for help, but nothing was done for them. Finally, the families have decided to go into conflict with the state government.

Already, family members of the missing and the deceased in Jungle Hall have set up a joint stage. The members of the forum also thinking about the extreme struggle they have to go through to fulfil their demands. Hundreds of families from Jhargram, West Midnapore, Purulia and Bankura sat at a meeting at Lodha Smriti Bhavan in Midnapore on September 29.

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The families claimed, “Maoists have got jobs by killing. And even though our people were killed, we didn't get jobs. We did not even get the government help. So, from now, we will walk on the path shown by the Maoists.”

As a result, political parties think that this will increase the discomfort of Mamata Banerjee before the 2021 Assembly Elections.