Chittagong: An imam of a mosque in Sonagazi, Feni at Chittagong in Bangladesh was suspended, temporarily, after he performed the last rites of a suspected COVID-19 patient.

The victim is identified as Maolana Md Noor Ullah. The Imam has been associated with the mosque for over six years.

Although the Maolana confronted the committee for his arbitrary removal for helping in the burial of a coronavirus victim, he was asked to leave without consideration for his objections.

As per reports, the Moulana said, “I am a volunteer of the Islamic Foundation of the district and it is my duty to offer proper burials to people."

It is said on Wednesday, he helped a family of a suspected COVID-19 victim to help them in performing their duty towards their loved one and helped in burying the body. Reportedly, all protocols for health safety were thoroughly followed. But the act of the Imam did not go down well with the masjid committee who removed him overnight and informed him of their decision on Friday.

The Masjid authority has issued a clarification saying that the committee was kept in the dark and the Imam was punished as he did things according to his whims and fancies.