As an aftermath of demonetisation small traders and vendors have struggled across India. Managing the money has been a big issue for these traders and vendors. Thus, the government of Goa has taken a wonderful step to help them to manage their money more efficiently. The state of Goa is going to go cashless after December 31, 2016.


By dialling *99# from their cell phones, the traders and vendors will get their hands on items like vegetable, fish, meat, etc. People of Goa can also access this facility as they also dial the same number and buy whatever they want to by simply following the instructions.


Chief secretary of the government of Goa RK Srivastava said that the money will be credited directly to the person’s bank account in no time once the transaction is complete.


Also, from today, the government has taken special initiative to educate these small traders and vendors across Mapusa and state capital Panaji. The facts that there will be not be any minimum limit for any transactions and no added fees will be charged, are likely going to bring a wide smile on these people’s faces across the state of Goa.


First of all, the vendors will have to register themselves with the banks. Post that, they will receive an MMID code. Then the customer needs to dial *99# and fill in their details and the amount that needs to be transferred. Once that particular MMID is punched in, the money will get credited instantly. Goa will become the first state to go cashless in this nation.