Sana’a (Yemen): The Indian Embassy in Djibouti informed through a tweet that fourteen Indian nationals who were under long detention in Yemen’s capital Sana’a have been finally released, set free.

“The 14 Indian nationals who were under long detention in Sana'a have been released today. The Embassy had been in constant contact with them. Our local Embassy official in Sana'a is making arrangements for their safe return to India,’” it said in a tweet.

The 14 Indian nationals are from the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal.

According to a report on Zee News, they were detained in Sana, Yemen by Houthis for the past 9 months. All are said to be seamen.

Their names are – 1) Mohan Raj; 2) Manraj; 3) Praveen Thamakarantavida; 4) Tanmey Rajendira; 5)  SK Hiron; 6) Wakankar Ahamed Abdul Gaful; 7) Gawas Chetan Hari Chandra; 8) Sanjeev Kumar; 9) Lohar Niles Dhnaji; 10) Lohar Sandip Balu; 11) Abdul Vahab Musthaba; 12) Jivaraj Dawood Mohaed; 13) William Nicamden; 14) Zhari Fairoz Nasrudden.