Murshidabad witnessed another tragic incident. On suspicion of stealing money, a son and his wife beat his mother to death. The rest of the family members were also beaten severely by the couple when they tried to stop the son from beating his mother. Police are searching for the accused son and his wife who killed his mother with a sharp weapon.

The incident took place at Raghunathganj in Murshidabad. Reportedly, Patani Bibi and her husband Nurul Sheikh have three sons. They all live together. Recently, a few days ago, one of the sons of the elderly couple alleged that his parents have stolen money from the house. The daughter-in-law, however, made the same accusations. This issue an extreme dispute between the two sides. Even the incident rolled up to the police station. However, the problem was temporarily resolved. 

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In this situation, mother-in-law Patina Bibi was attacked by her son Serju and wife Shukatara with a sharp weapon. When the other two sons Nawab and Rahul Sheikh protested, Serju and Shukatara attacked them. It is alleged that Patani Bibi was stabbed with a sharp weapon. 

Five members of the family were injured in the attack. The mother and others were admitted to the hospital with serious injuries. After reaching the hospital, doctors declared Patina Bibi dead. In the meantime, the accused son and daughter-in-law fled from the area. Police officer Partha Ghosh said that they have started investigating the matter.