Pathanamthitta: A 47-year-old man who broke out of home quarantine was caught by police for not wearing a mask and was handed over to Kerala healthcare workers on July 6. The man who returned from Saudi Arabia, broke out of quarantine to roam the streets on his scooter.

After 30 minutes of high drama, the man was in the clutch of health department workers.

The incident occurred at St Peter's Junction in Pathanamthitta. When police noticed the man without a mask, they stopped him and enquired about his activities. The police then learned that the man landed in Kerala on July 3 from Riyadh.

Soon the police called up the man's wife. The woman informed police that her husband left home after a quarrel with her.

Police tried to take him to hospital, but the man refused to accompany them. Then health workers wearing PPE kits arrived at the spot and insisted the man accompany them.