Kolkata: An astonishing incident took place in the town of Memari in East Burdwan. A bunch of money was found in a pond. Now, most people who dive into the water come back with a large sum of money. Thousands of people have gathered near the pond after receiving the news. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, nobody seemed keen to maintain social distancing. From children to the aged, everyone wanted to dive into the pond to make some money.

While many people have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 are floating in the pond. But how is this possible?

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Sheikh Mansur Ali lives in Baramshagarhia village of Memari. He said, “For the last few days, the boys in the village had been saying that they could get money only if they take a bath in the pond. Nobody believed what the boys said. But after watching the whole incident with my own eyes, I cannot deny the fact. People have been diving into the pond and coming out with notes of Rs 500, Rs 2000, and even Rs 10. All-day long, people in the village have been diving into the pond and coming out with a bunch of money.”

Upon receiving the news, police went to the area where the pond is situated on September 4 morning. Sub-divisional police officer Aminul Islam Khan said, “Notes of Rs 100 and Rs 10 were recovered from the pond. The villagers have been asked not to go into the pond. The matter is being investigated.”

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It is known that the sub-divisional magistrate has also directed officials to look into the matter seriously.