Kolkata: A 20-year-old NEET candidate left his home because his exam preparation did not go well. The name of the candidate is Rakshit Mittal. After receiving his phone call from Siliguri, the family members brought him back home.

Rakshit, the son of Ashok Mittal, mysteriously went missing on Wednesday (September 2) after he went to a temple to offer puja. The family had lodged a complaint with the police station after searching for him. Police later recovered his scooter and helmet from Beldanga in Murshidabad. Ever since then, the family had been worried and anxious about their missing son.

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Family members said that they received Rakshit’s phone call from Siliguri on Thursday (September 3) morning. After getting the phone call, the family members went near the airport and brought him back home.

After returning home, Rakshit said, “I left the house because I was not well prepared for the exam. My state of mind was not good. I went to Murshidabad on a scooter. After my scooter ran out of fuel, I took a bus and went to Siliguri.”