Kozhikode: Two teenage boys who tried to steal a bike went into a state of panic when they were stopped unexpectedly at a check post specially set up for enforcing COVID-19 lockdown. The duo was neither wearing masks nor helmets. When the police tried to stop them, they tried to flee the location instead of explaining their reason for being out.

In a desperate attempt to dodge police, the boys jumped in to the Iruvanji River near Mukkom. But police received timely assistance from locals who caught the youth while trying to escape through the other bank of the river. One person was nabbed by locals. Police took the thief to the station where he gave out details of his accomplice after grilling. The second accused was also arrested by police on the same day.

The one who was absconding tried to change his clothes with that of a migrant labourer living nearby.

The duo admitted to the crime they committed, and another person was arrested later for his alleged involvement in the plot to steal bikes. The police recovered a Pulsar bike as well as a scooter based on the information obtained from the two. Recent complaints of bike thefts are being revisited by police now to check whether the duo has any connection to unsolved cases in the past.