BJP state president Dilip Ghosh on Sunday (December 6) said the social welfare projects launched by the state government does not provide any "real benefit" to the public.

Addressing a rally in East Midnapore, Ghosh said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has announced schemes with big names but they haven't catered to the needs of people.

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Dilip Ghosh said, “There are so many projects launched by Mamata Banerjee, we are losing count of them. But how many people are getting real benefits? Under the Sabujsathi scheme, defective bicycles were distributed, while the Swasthya Sathi is a non-starter. Same with all other projects.”

“None believes Mamata Banerjee will use the amount judiciously. Everyone has seen how Amphan relief money went into the account of local leaders from her party, from panchayat pradhan to other chieftains. And once the matter came to public knowledge, Didi said it was an exception, a mistake. Is it really a mistake?” he added.

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Pointing out that leaders and workers of the ruling TMC are now revolting against the leadership, Ghosh said "every other day someone is deserting party, which is slowly turning into a crumbling edifice."

Elections to the 294-member Assembly are likely to be held in April-May next year.