Asianet News had predicted in advance that the public mandate would swing in favour of the LDF on the counting day. 

The Asianet News-C FORE survey in July 2020 had then looked deeply into the changing political weather in Kerala before and after Covid 19. 

The final results on the table yesterday bear a striking similarity to what Asianet News Survey said. 

What do Keralites have in mind when elections are at their doorstep? Asianet News with the help of C FORE took ten thousand responses collected from fifty assembly constituencies across Kerala. 

The results from the survey had then indicated that the majority of the Kerala population were more or less satisfied with the results achieved by Pinarayi Vijayan through his Covid fighting Campaign. 

The survey revealed that the people of the state were impressed with the work of Pinarayi Vijayan as the Chief Minister as well. 

The survey results had predicted the LDF to get 45 percent of the total votes polled. 

Whereas the Congress was predicted to collect 39 percent of the votes and NDA was predicted to get 18 percent votes. 

The Survey had then predicted a possible second term for the Pinarayi Vijayan government. 

Political discourses around the state underline the fact that the predictions made in Asianet News Survey in July, stands ratified now with yesterday's results of the Local Body Elections. 

Mention of Local Body Elections in Survery 

The Asianet News C FORE survey had tried to find out who would have an edge in the latest election which would witness the usage of most modern campaign techniques. 

The survey had stated without doubt that Pinarayi Vijayan government would have a clear mandate in favour of them this time. 

The survey predicted LDF to gather the support of 46 percent people with the vote share of 45 percent. 

It predicted the UDF to get the support of 32 percent people with the vote share of 39 percent. 

It also predicted the NDA  to get  the support of 12 percent people with the vote share of 18 percent.   

The survey discusses the impact Kerala Congress devoid of KM Mani, and Jose K Mani who deserted UDF will make on the politics of Kerala. 

It also tried to address the core question whether the death of KM Mani would weaken UDF or not. 

46 percent in Kerala agreed that it would certainly weaken the UDF considerably. 

In the situation where the covid control work of the state became a talking point nationally, the survey tried to assess the impact of the actions of the government and the opposition during the pandemic. 

67 percent prople thought that the actions by centre were helpful to the state. 33 Percent chose to think otherwise. If you take the UDF, 62 percent thought it helped the UDF, 38 percent thought otherwise. 

While a section of those who participated in the Asianet News C FORE Survey thought that the feats achieved by centre during covid fight had boosted BJP's prospects in the state, double of that believed the opposite. 

33 percent people thought centre's covid policies boosted the chances of BJP in Kerala, 67 percent thought otherwise. The results  of the local body elections proved the survey to be true. 

The Survey had taken into account the opinions expressed by 10,409 voters from 50 assembly constituencies. 

The Survey which was conducted from June 18 to June 29 tried to assess what influences has Covid Time induced in the State Politics as well as the politicians.