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Trump's victory: Why is Russian President Putin so happy?

  • Trump’s policy ideas are extremely favourable to Russian interests
  • The iron-clad NATO guarantee will be done away with giving Russia free rein
Putin Trump win
First Published Nov 10, 2016, 5:45 AM IST


Throughout the US election campaign 2016 there was one shadow in the room which everyone was nervous about – Russia. Hillary Clinton’s approach towards the Russians has always been aggressive. Donald Trump, on the other hand, played to the Russian galleries – praising Russian President Vladmir Putin and also by making promises to mend relations between the two countries. He also stated policy ideas extremely favourable to Russian interests. Was that enough to make Putin happy? It is a start definitely.



Here are some reasons why Putin is happy with Trump’s win:



  • Previously Barack Obama and former US presidents had been opposed to Putin’s annexation dreams – especially Crimea. Trump believes otherwise. He has agreed to ‘look into’ this!



  • One of Putin’s primary concerns has been the US intention of building a missile defense shield over Europe and it was clearly something which was proving to be a roadblock in Russia’s dreams. Trump has been critical US alliances like the NATO and has suggested that the organisation is obsolete and that its members should start paying for their own defense if they want US to help them in case of a war or attack from Russia. This has been a clear blow to the other states who had been wary of Russia’s plan of emerging as a superpower in the region. The NATO members may now have to foot the bills or face the Russian threat.



  • Destroying the iron-clad NATO guarantee might turn out to be an early Christmas gift for Vladmir Putin. Till now American presidents have never been accepting of Russian plans. It will allow him to move full steam ahead with his main foreign policy goal — bringing back the Russian-Soviet era domination! And with NATO out of the way and the US supporting their foreign policy with relation to Syria, Putin can literally control Eastern Europe.



  • With infighting in the US and erosion of US influence in Eastern Europe, Trump’s hands will be full and their attention towards world domination and other places of Russian interest will reduce giving Putin free rein to unravel his master plan.



We leave you with what Putin had to say when he congratulated Trump on his electoral win. A win in which he is said to have engineered through cyber attacks on Hillary Clinton. “Russia wants to and is ready to restore full-length relations with the United States. I repeat we understand that this will not be an easy route, but we are ready to walk our part in it, and do everything to return Russian American relations to a stable and sustainable developmental track.”

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