Rakhi Sawant's comic speech and hilarious tone have been an inspiration for Yashraj Mukhate when he made a song on her a few months back that went viral.

Yashraj once again took a small incident where Rakhi Sawant can be seen complaining to Bigg Boss as someone threw her water bottle in the swimming pool. 

Rakhi Sawant saw her water bottle inside the swimming pool and she began her rant, pinpointing towards Arshi Khan and asking if she did it. 

This small incident again inspired Yashraj to make a funny video on Rakhi Sawant.

Yashraj smartly embedded Rakhi's rant inside the Bigg Boss house and made a hilarious compilation along with Arshi's shots.

The video was shared on Colours TV Instagram.

On ‘Somvar Ka Vaar’, host Salman Khan surprised Rakhi and the viewers of Bigg Boss 14 by showing Mukhate’s video.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Yashraj Mukhate wrote, “I just love the rhythm in which she (Rakhi) talksss..” He also mentioned how within ten minutes of the video’s premiere on Bigg Boss 14, he got many messages from his fans.

Watch video: 


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