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Will Smith to Serena Williams: 7 celebrities who made successful investments in tech startups

Here's a list of celebrities who are not only successful in their respective careers but made some brilliant decisions to invest in tech startups; read on.

Will Smith to Serena Williams: 7 celebrities who made successful investments in tech startups-SYT
Mumbai, First Published May 12, 2021, 3:52 PM IST
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Investing in tech-work startups has become a new trend. It is considered as one of the safest and encouraged investments to make a larger sum of money. Our celebrities are no different. Take a look a few personalities from different walks of life who invested in startups and earned huge profits.

Snoop Dog

One of the most successful celebrities has a relatively substantial investment in a cannabis company. According to a report in Breezyscroll, half of his investments have been in cannabis startups. He has also made investments in the internet-Reddit and Robinhood front page.

Will Smith

The popular MIB star has invested in several tech and health startups such as Elon Musk's 'The Boring Company' and NurX. He also has a partnership with Keisuke Honda and a Japanese football star to launch Dreamers VC.

Carmelo Anthony


The ace basketball player has financed many business such as Melo7 along with Myro and Mophie. He focuses his investments in startups that focus on esports and digital media.

Serena Williams

The reigning queen of Tennis has invested in companies run by woman and people of colour. Over 60 percent of her investment are for supporting woman and minority communities. She has also invested in startups such as Impossible Foods and MasterClass.

Joe Montana


Montana got involved with the cannabis biz. He has invested in a dispensary from Caliva's Series A.



Nas has been very active with his investments for over 14 years through Queensbridge Venture Partners. Breezyscroll reports say that his Investments are over 1 billion dollars in companies such as Casper mattresses, Pliz Coffe, Ring and PillPack. Amazon acquired Ring and PillPack that got him a tremendous profit.

Ashton Kutcher


Hollywood actor Ashton invested more than $3 billion in startups over the years as an angel investor and a founding partners. His investment lies in companies such as Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, Skype, Casper mattresses, which have grown to a $250 million investment.

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