Online wars about the controversy triggered by the criticisms of actress Parvathy against the alleged misogynistic statements delivered by Mammootty in his movie Kasaba has got a new twist.

In an interview with a leading Malayalam website, actress Jyoti Shah, who acted with Mammootty in that particular controversial scene of Kasaba, which created a storm in the film industry and in the state has at last spoken out.

The actress has said, "Things like this happen in our society and shouldn’t an actor play both positive and negative roles? Women may have had encountered similar scenes like the one in Kasaba. I think be it negative or positive, a film should deal with all the aspects of our society. The character in Kasaba too is such a person. So just like every human being, the character of Rajan Zacharia played by Mammootty too has some flaws in his role."

When the interviewer asked her if is she was uncomfortable in that particular scene, Jyoti Shah said "Not at all. We are actors and I wouldn’t have acted in that scene if I had found anything wrong in it." 

She also added that Bollywood actors have done many such roles in their movies.