Kiccha Sudeep can breathe sigh of relief after court issues interim stay on arrest warrant
First Published 28, Mar 2019, 7:27 PM IST
Temporary relief to Kiccha Sudeep in Chikkamagalur 'shooting' case

A Chikkamagaluru JMFC court had earlier issued an arrest warrant against Sandalwood star Kichcha Sudeep as he had failed to attend the hearing of his pending case

Bengaluru: The Karnataka high court has ordered an interim stay on the arrest warrant issued against Sandalwood star Kichcha Sudeep.  

A Chikkamagaluru JMFC court had issued  an arrest warrant against Sudeep as he had failed to attend the hearing of a pending case on March 26.

The warrant was issued based on the complaint filed by one Deepak Mayur, owner of the farm and house, where Varasdara serial produced by Sudeep's production house was being shot.

Deepak had alleged that the blast at the serial set that was put up inside his farm had damaged the premises and the house.

Deepak had also alleged that Rs 1.5 lakh rent was due. But the serial crew had produced documents claiming that Rs 5 lakh was paid to the house owner. The agreement was that the crew had to pay Rs 6,000 per day for shooting.

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