Prabhas had dedicated five years for Baahubali and had not committed any movie in this span of time. Now especially Baahubali 2 has made him India’s superstar, and he is basking in the success of the movie. But do you know what his reaction to Baahubali 3 offer from Rajamouli was?

Rajamouli was shooting at the sets of Baahuibali’s villain Bhallaladeva alias Rana Daggubati‘s new TV show No 1 Yaari. The trailer of the programme which will start telecast on June 25 showed that Rajamouli is made to call Prabhas over the phone. When Prabhas receives the call, Rajamouli gives him the big news, “I had to talk to you about Baahubali 3,” and this is how Prabhas replied:

“Amma Nee Amma”, which is a kind of scolding! 

Maybe five years have taken a toll on Prabhas who has again started doing other movies. But listening to this, Rana and Rajamouli couldn’t stop their laughter and burst out loud.

The episode will be aired on June 25.