Mumbai: Actor Payal Ghosh has expressed an unconditional apology to Richa Chadha in the defamation case filed against her.

Richa and Payal told the Bombay High Court that they have settled the dispute and filed consent terms, under which Ghosh withdrew her statement made against Chadha and expressed an apology.

Richa had filed the defamation suit against Payal for making 'false, baseless, indecent and derogatory statement' and also claimed monetary compensation as damages last week.
Ghosh had dragged Chadha and other female actresses in the controversy related to her rape allegation against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap.

On Wednesday, advocate Nitin Satpute, appearing for Ghosh, told justice A K Menon that the matter has been settled by both the parties.

An official statement was issued by Chadha's team.

The statement says: "The actress is elated with the outcome of the case and is thankful to the Hon'ble Bombay High Court.  The Bombay high court has accepted the consent terms as an undertaking to the Hon'ble Court in the suit with Payal Ghosh giving Richa Chadha an unconditional apology and withdrawal of all statements and defamatory posts also including videos, and also agreeing not to state, make, publish, republish any defamatory, insulting, humiliating statements against Richa Chadda related to the subject matter of the Suit and/or any issue, dispute, complaint, suit, action, controversy, nefarious activity and/or criminal activity between Payal Ghosh and any person/party."