Nandini dated Karthik for a year before marrying him last year.


The incident only came to light on April 4 morning when a staff member of the lodge checked on Karthik as he did not come out of his room for a long time.


According to The Indian Express, the lodge staff and other members peeped into Karthik’s room only to find him lying unconscious. According to the post-mortem reports, he had consumed poison. 


He also wrote a suicide note where he blamed his father-in-law. 



According to a few Tamil news publications, the actress has alleged that her husband Karthik took money from many people on the pretence of getting them permanent government jobs. 


Later, Nandini came to know about Karthik's shady dealings when innocent people who were fooled by him started troubling her, asking for their money.


Nandini said, “When I confronted him about it, he threatened to commit suicide. And that is the reason my parents decided to take me to their home with them.” 


According to report in Tamil publication Vikatan, Nandini is sad all these embarrassing details of her personal life are now coming out due to Karthik’s suicide.


She also talked about his extramarital affairs, “He had an affair with some other girl, who later committed suicide. And the police had arrested Karthik. But, I didn’t tell anyone. I told others that Karthik had gone to Dubai. All the secrets that I had buried in my heart are now coming out because of him.”


Nandini and Karthik had dated for a year before they married in 2016 in June. Nandini said that she loved him unconditionally and still does, but he married her only for her money.


She told the Tamil publication, “He was very upset as people were pressurising him to return his money. I used to give him pep talk time and again and even told him that we could be together again once he sorts out all the problems." 


She added, “I was even giving him money from my earnings without telling anyone.” 


Nandini has also acted in a few Tamil movies like Vamsam and Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga said she was on a shoot when she got the news of her husband's death.