Malayalam serial actress Anu Joseph has come out with the explanation on a vulgar video that is spreading through social media in her name.

The 'Karyam Nisaaram' actress has also filed a complaint with the cyber cell regarding the video which is being circulated on WhatsApp and other social media.

She is a familiar face in Malayalam television industry. The actress has raised her voice against the video which is being shared misusing her photo and name. 

The actress publicly reacted on the matter by posting a video message on her Facebook wall.


"A video of some woman is spreading on WhatsApp along with my pic and name. A few months ago, there were rumours on my death which spread like a wildfire, and now this vulgar video is doing the rounds on WhatsApp with my details. But I am wondering why people are sharing it without even finding the truth behind it."

In the video, the actress also requested people not to share such vulgar visuals as it is a crime. "I hope you all are aware that uploading and sharing such videos are illegal. Expecting your love and support always. Thanks [sic]." 

Anu Joseph is well known among Malayali television audience for her performance in serials like Minnukett, Chakkarabharani and Karyam Nissraam. She is also seen in many movies like The Great Father, Mythri, Pathemari, Vellimoonga etc.