Self-proclaimed actor, Kamaal R Khan on Sunday apologised to millions of fans of Malayalam star Mohanlal for calling him 'Chhota Bheem.' KRK said that he now realises that Mohanlal is a 'superstar.'

In a tweet post, KRK said that before he did not know, who Mohanal was but now knows of his celebrity status in the Malayalam film industry. In his earlier tweet, KRK said that Mohanlal was unfit for the role of Bheem in Randamoozham. He went on to say that this casting decision would be a waste of producer BR Shetty's money.

KRK launched his online tirade earlier last week after Mohanlal announcement that he would play the role of Bheem in a Rs 1000 project titled 'The Mahabharata.' KRK later not only ridiculed his physique but also called his fans "idiots" and made an even more derogatory comment on Mohanlal, calling him a "joker".

The Malayalee cine lovers didn't take kindly to the remark and started bombarding KRK's social media pages with abuses and trolls ever since. Some had also asked KRK for an apology.