Yash starrer KGF has changed the face of Kannada cinema. Being the first movie to enter the Rs 100 crore club, it has also crossed Baahubali-2 box office collection in Karnataka.

The response to KGF movie that was released in five languages including Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam has led to these five major changes in Sandalwood.

1) Producers agreeing to invest for pan-India concepts


KGF was the first movie to release in five languages. Though the story is based in Kolar Gold Fields, the approach was pan-Indian. Anybody in any part of India could relate to it. Thus, producers are agreeing to invest money in such concepts and are getting mentally prepared to release it in multiple languages.

2) Increased demand for Kannada films


So far, if any Kannada film had to be taken outside Karnataka, be it for dubbing rights or release, someone from the movie crew had to approach them, show them the trailer and visuals and request them to release the movie. But after KGF, theatres in other states have started demanding movies from Karnataka. Though this is still a small change as only some theatres have come up with this demand, it has paved the way for a new trend.

3) Stars from Bollywood to Kollywood responding to Kannada films


Till now, stars from Bollywood, Kollyood, Tollywood and Mollywood were hesitating to respond to Kannada movies. But now, they have not only watching these films, but have also started appreciating trailers and teasers of movies yet to be released in Kannada. Recently, Salman Khan, Ram Gopal Varma, Puri jagannath, Dhanush and others praised Sudeep starrer Pailwaan movie's  teaser.

4) Media coverage outside Karnataka


It is rare that any Kannada movie was praised by media outside Karnataka. However, even Tamil, Telugu media have started writing about Kannada films. Recently, there were reports about Darshan starrer Yajamana Kannada film in Tamil and Telugu media, thanks to the success of KGF.

5) Demand to dub Kannada films


Most of them from the film fraternity have been averse to dubbing in Kannada. But after the success of KGF in other languages, there is a demand to dub other movies too in Kannada. Thus, there is hope that even Kannadigas will get to see movies made in other languages in their own mother tongue.