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Jason Momoa starrer 'Common Ground' trailer OUT: Talks of regenerative movement that addresses climate crisis

'Common Ground,' a documentary with Hollywood stars, explores regenerative agriculture's urgent call to save the planet, heal climate, and fix the food system, emphasizing personal narratives. It debuts on September 27, 2023, offering a unique perspective on sustainability

Jason Momoa starrer 'Common Ground' trailer OUT: Talks of regenerative movement that addresses climate crisis ATG
First Published Sep 23, 2023, 12:16 PM IST

The official trailer for the documentary 'Common Ground' has recently been unveiled, showcasing a star-studded lineup of Hollywood luminaries, which includes the likes of Jason Momoa, Rosario Dawson, and many others. Directed by the esteemed filmmaking duo, Josh and Rebecca Tickell, 'Common Ground' has already garnered considerable attention, securing the coveted Human/Nature Award at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival. With the release of its official trailer, this documentary promises to captivate audiences while shedding light on the urgent need for sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices.

At its core, 'Common Ground' aims to convey a powerful message. It invites viewers on a sweeping and uplifting journey deep into the heart of the 'Regenerative Movement.' This movement is dedicated to revolutionizing our food system, not only by producing nutritionally rich food but also by addressing the pressing climate crisis, promoting healing for our bodies, and rejuvenating our ailing ecosystem. It presents a vision of a more sustainable and harmonious future that hinges on responsible agriculture.

What sets 'Common Ground' apart from other documentaries is its focus on the personal narratives of individuals at the forefront of the food movement. Through these compelling stories, the film humanizes the cause, showcasing the passion and unwavering dedication of those who are tirelessly working for change. It delves into the deeply personal and impactful journeys of these individuals, providing a unique perspective on the regenerative agriculture movement.

This documentary serves as a follow-up to the Tickells' previous work, 'Kiss the Ground.' However, 'Common Ground' distinguishes itself by offering a deeper exploration of the people driving the movement forward. In a statement, the Tickells describe 'Common Ground' as both an "urgent call to action" and a comprehensive plan for saving the future, healing our climate, and fixing our broken food system – all through the principles of regenerative agriculture.

The directors underscore the power of information, emphasizing that "information is power." By disseminating the film's compelling message to a wide-ranging audience, they aspire to ignite a movement of change-makers capable of steering our world toward a more sustainable and equitable future. According to them, the documentary presents a comprehensive strategy for safeguarding our planet's future, addressing the challenges of climate change, and rectifying our flawed food system through the principles of regenerative agriculture.

'Common Ground' boasts an impressive ensemble cast of Hollywood stars, which includes Jason Momoa, Laura Dern, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, Donald Glover, and Ian Somerhalder. These influential figures lend their voices to the film, complemented by a diverse array of farmers, ranchers, scientists, educators, and activists. Together, they form a resounding chorus advocating for a critical shift in our approach to food production and agriculture.

The eagerly anticipated release date for 'Common Ground' is September 27, 2023, when it will make its debut in select theaters. It promises to be a thought-provoking and inspiring cinematic experience that encourages viewers to reflect on their roles in shaping a more sustainable and harmonious future for our planet.

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