Ali Merchant, a popular face and a versatile actor, has been a part of many acting projects and serials. He is a dedicated musician who has many groovy mixes and songs to his name. He has various official remixes on well-known music labels under his belt. But what defines his Playlist is the extraordinary essence that he adds to his mashups and remixes, which makes the music-lovers nostalgic as tap their feet and enjoy a 'KADAK X Tabaahi' Night. 

Q: How was your lockdown period, and how did you spend it?

A: Initially, it was a bit depressing as we lost many events and work projects, but I utilised this time and produced more content. Initially, we couldn't accept it; then it was all about accepting and settling it. Then I started helping out people in terms of food and essential items. Then I started focusing on creating new content. I worked hard in lockdown. 

Q: Tell us something about Taabahi 2.0?

Tabaahi 2.0 is an energy pact album and has songs that were once upon a time major hit. I added my touch that will make the music-lovers groove and enjoy. 


Q: How was it taking up these famous songs and adding your touch to it? How do you manage to make it groovy?

A: When I check out the project file, I look after the elements that were used in the song, and then I add my melody and tunes to it and change the tempo. I try to think about what the producer thought when the song was made in that particular year and what people would think of it now. So I try to make it more interesting and groovy. People should feel a sense of enjoyment and happiness.

Q: One Adjective would you like to give to your songs and work.

A: I would love to call it 'Taabahi'. Groovy and happening too. 

Q: What's your idea of making this dance-worthy epic remixes, from where do you draw inspiration? 

A: Tabaahi 2.0 is a speed record of all sorts of Punjabi music; it has very sweet tunes. Whereas Kadak, as the name suggests, has throbbing mashups that I have created by mixing international tunes. I want India to go global in terms of music. I want people to look at it internationally. I love adding surprise elements. Kadak is a product of mixing Bollywood vocals with international music. When I look at these international artistes, I feel if they can do it, why not us. 


Q: How do you feel when content creators use your DJ mashups or music for their content on the Internet?

A: I love it when they use it. I feel very, very happy. I have been making mashups of many Tik Tok trendy tunes. 2021 will be the year when people will get fresh sets of music and will be offered to people by all the artistes around the country. I think it's great that artistes got quality time in lockdown to make the most of their talent and produce good music. I think we all will be achieving milestones in the coming year. 

Q: How do you look at this whole revolution that has come in the music industry during the pandemic?

A: I think people have become more responsible. Our music industry has always been very complex. The segment of independent artistes is developing in the country with hip hop and rap culture coming through. I don't think we are far away from the day when we all will be performing on international platforms worldwide.


Q: You have also stepped into the new segment as a 'fashion guru' for men with 'In details with Ali Merchant', any insights about that? 

A: Every artist needs to improve their segment by trying hands-on new elements. So my team came up with this new segment wherein we will be catering and exploring the fashion world. I have been into acting and television earlier. So I feel it's extremely important to make a good first impression and hence this campaign will be helpful to many.