Popular Tollywood director Seenu Vaitla, who made movies like Mister, Bruce Lee, Aagadu and Ready, was facing financial problems as his movies were not profitable anymore. Therefore, his wife Rupa Vaitla recently started a new business that will leave you surprised.

Whether are are a superstar or a leading director or producer, one should have separate sources of income as the film industry can any day turn the table around unexpectedly in any direction, making you bankrupt or penniless.

That's the reason many stars in Bollywood and other film industry have different businesses running on the side like restaurants, clubs, hotels, boutique, fashion brands, etc.

Now, the latest news is that director Seenu Vaitla, who had terrible years as there was no movie that had the cash registers ringing in the past three to four years, has started a new business. According to reports, his wife Rupa has come up with "Vedik", a brand that sells cow milk.

Yes, you heard it right, Rupa has also started promoting the milk by saying that it is the only right milk one should drink.

The good news is her business is going very well, and the couple is already earning lakhs with it per month. Looking at the success of Vedik; many businessmen are entering the same field as it is more profitable. Asianet Newsbale wishes Seenu Vaitla and his wife Rupa Vaitla all the best.