Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is on cloud nine with her latest movie, Padmaavat which saw a grand opening at the box office but also turned out to be the highest grossing movie of 2018.

Now, Deepika is shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj's Sapna Didi. However, because of her health condition doctors have advised her to take bed rest and hence the shooting of the film has come to a halt. 

According to reports, Deepika has decided to hike her fees and also to be choosy when it comes to accepting a new script as her audiences and fans are expecting a lot from her post Padmaavat.

In a leading daily, a source close to the actress said, "Deepika has already taken one dose of D-3, but will continue to rest until the doctor gives her a green signal to begin work. She will have to finish the prescribed doses of Vitamin D-3 first."


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The source also adds, "Deepika is also undergoing physiotherapy regularly. That band on her shoulder is connected to her physio exercises, not to hide any tattoo as reported."


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In Vishal Bhardwaj's movie, Deepika will portray the mafia queen. 

The reason for Deepika to be choosy for roles is, after doing films like Bajirao Mastani, Piku, Ramleela and now Padmaavat, the talented actress also has raised the bar of her work and she no more wants to dampen the image by picking skeletal roles that have no depth.