We at Newsable would like to present to you 4 career options which we think are best suited for a woman of her stature and wit.


Be a guest lecturer: Now this one is a no-brainer. With her strongly opinionated statements and foot-in-the-mouth syndrome, her classes would always witness a 100% attendance. Well, being so gorgeous helps too! 



Start an 'Ideal Wife and Mother' club: Wife of a superstar and a proud mother of two adorable kids, Twinkle has indeed come a long way. We might not have recognised her calibre as an actor but as a mother and a wife, Twinkle is the coolest one ever. With her crazy-but-cute banter with her kids and her funny take on her husband's choices, Twinkle is the new-age protoype of an ideal mother and a wife. 



Continue writing books and columns: Guess we can never get tired of her self deprecating humour. Can we?



Home decor boutique: We all have seen Twinkle's elegant taste when it comes to home decor. Her own home which is the perfect cocktail of contemporary-meets-historic vouches for her unleashed talent in the area.