As soon as the trailer was launched, people started comparing it to this year's biggest hit (so far) Sultan


Let's take a look at why we think Dangal will dhobipachaad Sultan at the box office.  


1. Sultan was more about a wrestler's redemption but Dangal is all about women empowerment. 


2. Aamir Khan’s Haryanavi accent is more believable and realistic than Salman’s in Sultan.


3. It appears that Sakshi Tanwar will be able to lend more authenticity to the film with her supreme acting prowess. 


4. The tagline of the film ‘Mhari Chhoria Chhoro se kum hai ke?' is more catchy and engaging than that of Sultan



5.  Just like last two years, Aamir’s Dangal will also be released in December. And we are sure Mr Khan would keep up the tradition of giving us biggest blockbusters this year too.