Bengaluru:  On January 12, Kannada theatre artist Akshata Pandavapura was eliminated from Bigg Boss Kannada season 6. Akshatha was the 12th contestant to be shown the door in the Bigg Boss house this season. 

Akshatha stayed in the Bigg Boss house for 83 days. She was appreciated for her commitment to the tasks in which she displayed her acting skills. 

However, her closeness with Rakesh left the conservative viewers upset, and there was criticism on social media sites regarding her behaviour. 

Rapid Rashmi was directly pushed to the danger zone by captain Naveen. Rakesh, Akshata and Shashi were nominated based on the inmate’s votes.

With two weeks left for the finale, seven contestants; Rashmi, Dhanraj, Andy, Kavitha, Naveen, Shashi and Rakesh remain.