Bengaluru: On Friday, the CCB had issued notices to Sandalwood actors Akul Balaji, Santhosh Aryan and Congress leader’s son Yuvaraj RV to appear before the department on Saturday.

Obeying the CCB’s notices Akul, Santhosh, and Yuvaraj arrived at the CCB office by 10am on Saturday.

The three celebrities had earlier claimed that they had nothing to do with the drug case and were not sure why they were sent notices by the CCB.

However, all the three have agreed to cooperate with the CCB sleuths.

Coming to the interrogation of the three, they will be interrogated separately.

Santosh will be interrogated by CCB Inspector Punith, Akul will be interrogated by CCB Inspector Anjumala and Yuvaraj will be interrogated by Inspector Prashanth.

It is reported that all three of them are being interrogated in different floors of the CCB Office in Bengaluru.

Based on information from CCB sleuths there are close to 44 questions to be asked to Akul, Santhosh and Yuvaraj.

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However, there are reports that no questions will be asked for the first few minutes and all the three must confess what they know about the use of drugs in Sandalwood.

Akul Balaji, Santhosh Aryan and Yuvaraj RV will have to explain their relationships with the accused and jailed in connection with the case.