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Bengaluru: 54-year-old man arrested for raping 7-year-old girl under pretext of luring her for Pani Puri

A 54-year-old man was arrested in Bengaluru for allegedly raping a 7-year-old girl near Garuda Mall. She was lured by the culprit on the pretext of buying her street food while the mother and daughter were begging near Garuda Mall. 

Bengaluru: 54-year-old arrested for raping 7-year-old girl under pretext of luring her for Pani Puri vkp
First Published Apr 26, 2024, 9:24 AM IST

A shocking incident has shaken the core of Bengaluru as a 7-year-old girl became the victim of a heinous act of rape. The devastating event unfolded near the Ashok Nagar police station, leaving the community in disbelief and outcry. The mother and her child were begging and found themselves at the mercy of a horrific crime. A 54-year-old man approached them, seizing the child and committing an unthinkable act of violence. Taking advantage of the vacant surroundings near Megrath Road, he subjected the innocent girl to a brutal assault under the concealment of a parked Hitachi vehicle.

The innocent child was lured away by an acquaintance under the pretence of indulging in street food, only to suffer unspeakable trauma. The parents, unaware of the unfolding tragedy, were horrified to discover their bleeding daughter, prompting an urgent rush to the hospital for medical attention.

However, swift action by the Ashoka Nagar police led to the arrest of the accused, providing a glimmer of hope for justice in the face of such appalling crimes.  These incidents serve as a stark reminder of the pressing need for increased vigilance and measures to protect the most vulnerable members of society. The collective outrage must translate into tangible steps to ensure the safety and well-being of all children.

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