Bengaluru: Next time when a stranger asks for an address be alert and be quick enough to get public attention as a pervert is roaming the streets of Bengaluru.

On the pretext of asking for an address, he is flashing women.

Recently, in Banaswadi in Bengaluru east, a man approached a 31-year-old woman journalist. He first asked about an address and suddenly unzipped his pants, pulled out his private parts and began to masturbate.

A shocked woman, who was returning from a grocery store on Saturday (June 27), raised an alarm but the culprit sped away on a scooter. The pervert could not be identified as he was wearing a helmet and a face mask.

Following this incident, the jurisdictional police have increased patrolling, and the pink Hoysala van to attend women in distress also is making several rounds in the area.