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IPL 2023: Here's everything that you need to know about Impact Player rule

IPL 2023: The upcoming season will witness a new rule, as an Impact Player will allow the sides to strategise accordingly. Meanwhile, here is what the law is all about.

Indian Premier League, IPL 2023: Here is everything that you need to know about Impact Player rule-ayh
First Published Dec 22, 2022, 11:02 AM IST

The 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) is getting its preparations underway, with the mini-auction set to be held on Friday. Meanwhile, the upcoming season would witness a new rule, with the new Impact Player rule coming in. As per the rule, a substitute player who can bat and bowl can be included in the side. However, the Impact Player can only be an Indian unless the original playing XI has less than four overseas players. "This will add a new tactical, strategic dimension to the game. Several team sports allow teams to make tactical substitutes, i.e. football, rugby, basketball, and baseball. The substitute is allowed to perform or participate like any other regular player," stated IPL in a release, as we explain what you need to know about the rule, thanks to ESPNCricinfo.

How does Impact Player work in IPL?
Before the start of the play, a side mentions four substitute players outside its playing XI. Only one of the substitutes can be used as an Impact Player.

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When can the Impact Player be introduced?
The Impact Player can be brought on at the start of an innings, at the end of an over, at the fall of a wicket, or after a batter has retired. However, if an Impact Player is brought on at the fall of a wicket by the bowling side, he would not be able to bowl the remaining balls of the over.

What about the player who gets replaced?
The player replaced by the Impact Player is done and dusted for the game and would take no further part, even not as a substitute fielder.

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When can a side have an overseas player as an Impact Player?
The rule of four overseas players in the playing XI stays in the IPL. Thus, if a side fields three or fewer overseas players in its XI, only then can the side name one or more overseas substitutes and can replace any player in the XI, given the balance of four foreigners in the XI is maintained.

Will it impact the number of batters in the game?
Only 11 players will be able to bat. So, if an Impact Player comes in, replacing a batter in the side who has already been dismissed, he can bat, but that would result in another batter/bowler missing out on batting.

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How would the Impact Player affect the bowling side?
If a bowling side brings in its Impact Player after the replaced bowler has bowled his full quota, he would still be eligible to bowl his full quota of four overs.

What happens to the Impact Player rule in case of a delayed start?
If the match witnesses a delayed start, resulting in a reduction of overs, the Impact Player rule remains applicable and can be brought in at any point of the match. At the same time, if he is a bowler, he will be allowed to bowl the required number of overs as decided before the curtailed innings/match starts.

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