What is a job?    


In the simplest terms, jobs are what we all do. It’s an extension of our work. When we got to a job – we are expected to complete a set of tasks and responsibilities set by the company based on your skill set.



What is work? 

Work is something that as an individual that you have accumulated over the years. It is also finding a nice balance between you as an individual and the company needs.  This will eventually lead to a career where one fine tunes their work, whilst learning new skills, which could be applicable to other areas as well.


What is a career?  

No two individual’s careers are alike. Nor do they follow a straight linear path.  A career is something that is a combination of one’s job and work put together, and built over a period of time. While some end up staying in the same career for a long time (Eg: an hotelier), there are others who switch lanes completely and veer into a different career altogether (Eg: lawyer turned photographer)