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OneTo11 Gaming ecosystem with NFT marketplace enabling gamers to earn millions

OneTo11 is a gaming ecosystem that allows gamers to earn unlimited income by playing digital games with their friends.

OneTo11 Gaming ecosystem with NFT marketplace enabling gamers to earn millions-vpn
Bengaluru, First Published Nov 30, 2021, 5:17 PM IST

Imagine being able to earn millions of dollars by just playing video games all day! Not earning occasionally but regularly, like a job. It sounds like a dream job for a very unique position of a game tester or something! Right? But that's not the phenomenon we are discussing here, instead there is now a platform for gamers to earn by playing games sitting on their couches. OneTo11 is a gaming ecosystem that allows gamers to earn unlimited income by playing digital games with their friends. With OneTo11, you can make money just like at your day job, consistently and continuously.

The NFT generation and trading in Gaming

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, developers turned to tokenization as a use case to establish ownership of digital assets. In the gaming industry, blockchain based games or crypto games like OneTo11, now offer custom in-game assets that can be collected and traded just like any other type of collectible item - called "non-fungible tokens" or NFTs. Crypto gaming is a growing industry, and some gamers are making serious money(millions) by just playing games and trading NFTs made in the game. Although most of these crypto games have a very high entry fee.

A free-to-play and Play-To-Earn gaming Ecosystem

 The high cost to entry is a barrier for a lot of gamers to join crypto gaming, however India based OneTo11 is the World’s first blockchain Gaming ecosystem with completely free to play and Play-To-Earn games. That means gamers can join for free and use their time and skills in the game to earn money. 

“The core concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is decentralization, thus games that have a barrier of cost to entry are not really allowing the masses to join the crypto gaming ecosystem. We have intentionally created an ecosystem with no cost to entry for allowing maximum engagement from the gaming community and the Play-To-Earn model automatically rewards them with monetary returns.” - shared Tirath Sharma (CTO and Cofounder of OneTo11)

The reason OneTo11 is a gaming ecosystem and not a game is - because it has the following inclusions

  • A sports fantasy game
  • A Casual game app with multiple games like ludo, fruit slice, etc
  • A gamified learning app 
  • An RPG game based on cricket
  • An RPG game based on Metaverse 
  • An Integrated wallet for earned cryptocurrencies
  • An NFT trading marketplace 

 “Our intention behind building the ecosystem is to provide maximum benefit to gamers. While playing other crypto games, gamers pay a fee every time they play a game, mint and NFT or sell an NFT they are paying heavy transaction fees. However, on OneTo11 the focus is on how to make the games profitable for gamers and the transaction fees are the lowest possible value since all the transactions take place within the ecosystem.” - explained Ravindra Kumar (CEO and Cofounder of OneTo11). 

OneTo11 has already launched the sports fantasy app and casual gaming app, and over the last 11 months since launch, the platform has gathered more than 1.3 million users and completed 14 million transactions. “We are serving 500,000 MAU and there is a very fast growing community of players who want to join the Play-To-Earn phenomenon. As we expand our game portfolio with RPGs the user metrics are expected to increase ten-fold, due to the amazing ability of NFT creation on these games.” mentioned Manasvi Singh(CMO and Cofounder of OneTo11)

In the coming months OneTo11 is introducing the RPG games and NFT marketplace to the global gaming community. “As the entire ecosystem becomes accessible to the public, our research predicts massive adoption due to the popularity of gaming combined with the Play-To-Earn model of OneTo11. Specifically in developing countries, with better internet connectivity and economical devices, people playing crypto games are able to replace their income by earning from games. And OneTo11 will be providing the perfect platform for the gaming community in these countries to monetize their time and skill.” remarked Anirban Chatterjee (COO and Cofounder OneTo11). 

 The major game publishers make billions of dollars every year from players who are willing to spend their hard earned cash just so they can get ahead within a game or simply play at their own leisure. OneTo11 has introduced a model that not only changes the way people will think about gaming but also how gamers can now use gaming as means of consistent income.

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