Telangana Minister faces a bitter experience in Telangana Bhavan in Delhi when he visits the city to receive an award. His own people doesn’t recognise him but he is recognised by Andhra people and given due respect.

Recently Telangana State Minster went to Delhi to receive an award and took a room in his Telangana Bhavan. He returned back at 11 pm after receiving the award but the protocol team were missing. The person who received him from airport dispersed with the car.

The Minister reached his room in Swarnamukhi Block and when he asked the assistant to bring him dinner, the assistant didn’t recognise the Minister and told him that food is unavailable in the Guest House and suggested that he eat at a hotel.

The Minister was shocked with this reply. At the same time, Andhra Bhavan worker recognised the Minister, gave him the due respect and immediately served him dinner.

The Minister on returning to Hyderabad complained to the JAD on the assistant’s carelessness. Minister feels extremely happy with the Andhra team for feeding him and giving him the due respect.