The American Electoral College has affirmed Joe Biden as the next United States president.

The 538-member Electoral College gave Biden 306 votes to Donald Trump's 232.

The vote came after Donald Trump's efforts over the last six weeks to change the outcome of presidential election.

Electoral Collage members in all six battleground states -- Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin -- where Trump had challenged the result, voted in favour of Biden.

After the vote, Repubulican Senator from Ohio Rob Portman said, "The orderly transfer of power is a hallmark of our democracy, and although I supported President Trump, the Electoral College vote today makes clear that Joe Biden is now President-Elect."

Biden: Democracy has prevailed

In his second acceptance speech (first being after polls predicted him to be winner) Biden reiterated his faith in American democracy and the integrity of its elections.

"In this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed. We the people voted. Faith in our institutions held. The integrity of our elections remains intact. And now it is time to turn the page, as we’ve done throughout our history. To unite. To heal."

Mocking Trump for questioning the mandate, the 46-th President Elect said: "“\They knew this election was overseen, overseen by them -- it was honest, it was free, and it was fair. They saw it with their own eyes, and they wouldn't be bullied into saying anything different. It was truly remarkable."

"It is my sincere hope we never again see anyone subjected to the kind of threats and abuse we saw in this election. It is simply unconscionable. We owe these public servants a debt of gratitude; our democracy survived because of them," Biden added