As reports of the top gangster- Dawood Ibrahim's death floods social media, sarcastic remarks on the same are taking the sounds on social media simultaneously. Apparently, people have not forgotten who is and what he has been doing to India. 'Rest in Peace' is a faraway concept for the angered public here, they want him to either "go to hell" or "heal back to health" to be killed by the Indians. 

Dawood symbolises the ugly face of terrorism and the rumours of his death seem to have given a leash to the hatred that he has brewed up in the Indian subcontinent. "As you sow, so shall you reap", they say, but the fruits of this news is a delight, even if temporary, for the mass and the class who have suffered for him. So, here are the funny Twitter updates that followed post rumours of Dawood's death.

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