Men go crazy managing a single wife/girlfriend but in case of Chhattisgarh's Bastar District's 24-year-old youth, he managed the courtship and tied the knot with two of his girlfriends at the same time and at same 'mandap'.

The 'lucky man' is identified as Chandu Maurya a small time farmer and daily wage labourer, first got hooked with Sundari Kashyap, 21 from another village when he had gone to erect an electric pole one and half years ago. While working he ended up erecting a strong feeling in the young girl's heart.

The couple used to meet often and had decided to get married some time later. But after a year into the relationship, Maurya met 20-year-old Haseena Bhagel at a wedding that took place in another village.

Young at heart Haseena expressed her feelings for Maurya. In mid twenties, Maurya thought he had enough stamina to maintain both the girlfriend's. He also had told Haseena about his relationship with another girl. But she said she is ready to come and settle with him even if he marries his first girlfriend.

Both girlfriends entered into a mutual agreement of getting married to the same man they love and live in the same room as a throuple.

"I decided to marry both of them because they both loved me. I can’t betray them. They agreed they both will live with me forever,” Chandu was quoted as saying.