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Cobra enters house; residents, neighbors spend sleepless night

As summer has arrived, with increase in humidity level, spotting of snakes during this season will be common. In one of the cases from Bagalkot, a five-feet long Cobra entered a house creating panic among residents last night. 

The house owner Ajith Nagrala spotted snake movement last night when he came out to answer nature call. Seeing the snake he panicked and raised an alarm. 

Soon snake rescuer was called to the spot and after hours of search, the snake was caught and released in conducive habitat. 

The rescuer Shaffi says, during summer it will be common to spot snakes in garden area, bathroom and places where water accumulation is more as the reptile prefers cool places. Hence once anyone spots the snake, they should call experts and should not disturb the snake and try to handle it by themselves as it may prove costly.