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After cholera puts 17 people in hospital doctors say, watch out for the water and food

The spread of cholera in Bengaluru has resulted in 17 people being admitted to hospital. Following the increase in numbers, the doctors have advised people to only eat home-cooked food, drink water that has been boiled and to wash hands with disinfectant after using the restroom

Doctors and community leaders have advised public not to eat from hotels, small shops, roadside vendors and places that do not practice hygiene as cases of cholera is on the rise.

So far, 17 cases have been reported in the city. Apart from this 15 people suspected to have contracted cholera have been admitted to hospital from areas surrounding Varthur.

Doctors, leaders and activists from the affected areas advise public to use only boiled water, considering that the bacteria will be killed once exposed to hot water. Doctors say eating seafood that contain shells like a snails, crabs, prawns and lobsters and meat items can be risky.