The state police department is planning to formulate special programs for its force, given the fact that most of the members are suffering from obesity and diabetes. Owing to the stress levels that the force has to work under, the problem magnifies, which also affects their work. The pilot project aims at making them fit, both mentally and physically. 

Apart from mental disorders and health issues, the police force is also facing increasing suicide cases. Given the scenario, director general of police Anurag Sharma formed a committee, headed by the Telangana State Police Academy director Jitender, has sought a ground level report on the health conditions of policemen and the reasons for taking the extreme step. Following reports pertaining to the health conditions that the policemen face, the committee members are planning a comprehensive action plan to make the policemen fit and healthy. Incidentally, it has been decided that training will be provided from the ranks of home guard to deputy superintendent of police rank officers. 

Inside sources said that the department would set three units at different locations. Hyderabad will host the pilot project. Based on the results, more units would be set up across all the districts of Telangana. A senior police official speaking to the New Indian Express said, " We will analyse the policemen according to their weight, issues being faced while discharging duties, mental stress and health conditions.After the analysis, we will form groups - each group will have 25 members to undergo training for overall wellness."