The Telangana government has increased the rate of beer, applicable from May 22. So, beer lovers will have to shell out at least 10% more.

The government led by K Chandrasekhar Rao has increased the price on the beer in Telangana by 10 to 12 %. Through this, KCR aims at collecting at least Rs 300 crore additional amount. However, the new rates will not be applicable for drinks, which are already stored in the bars, but only for the stock which is purchased from May 22 onwards.

The records state that Telangana is one of the states in India which stands number 1 in consuming alcohol. Delhi stands in the second place followed by Kerala and Karnataka in the third and fourth positions.

There has been no increase in the price of alcohol for two years. As per the excise policy of the state, the revision is done once in two years. Currently, the state gets a collection of Rs 1100 crore from the sale of liquor.