The Telangana state government has issued guidelines for its scheme, Financial Assistance to Singe Women. Under this, single women in the state are entitled to receive monetary benefits from the government.

According to the guidelines, married women above 18 years of age, who are either separated or deserted by husbands can avail this scheme. Similarly, unmarried women in rural areas who are above 30 years are also covered under this scheme. However, an unmarried woman who lives in an urban area needs to be of 35 years in order to receive pension.

However, the government’s new plan to assist women takes into account only those who belong to lower economic strata. Women in rural areas who earn less than 1.5 lakh annual income and those that earn 2 lakhs in urban areas can become beneficiaries. They will receive Rs 1,000 as monthly pension. 

The guidelines also state that women who get re-married or have financial stability will no longer be covered under this pension. Furthermore, this scheme is solely dedicated to women below 35.

Applicants will be chosen after a tahsildar verifies the details of separation, income etc. The government mandates that each applicant has an Aadhar card through which the payment will be made.