In this tech savvy world, we all deserve digital detox without worrying what we must be missing out on. The most annoying part of going on a digital detox is the fear of coming back to endless e-mails, social media notifications, random tags, scanning through every profile ever created on Internet, and responding to most of them. 


The next best this that one can ask for is, completely wiping out their digital presence. And, this is what exactly, a website named will do for you. 


Designed and developed by Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck, this website asks you to sing in using your primary Google account which is mostly used to sign up on various websites. 



Once logged in, this website scans all the emails to derive the lists of websites you have signed up using Gmail and also where you have your accounts. 


Then you get a list of websites and accounts from where you can choose which accounts to keep and which to delete with a single click. 


The website does not send any information that you uploaded to its developers and it is basically a service that works on your system.