Along with the Pixel 2 smartphones, Google has launched a line-up of other products including its first premium wireless earphones. The highlight of the all-new Google Pixel Buds are its ability to translate a language right into your ears. Yes, you heard that right!

Google product manager Juston Payne had demonstrated real-time translating on the stage during the event. It looks almost like having a personal translator by your side. So, you speak in one language and the person on the other side can listen to it in a language of their choice, and vice versa.

Video source: Youtube/Robert McGregor

It can also translate 40 languages. So, you need to reportedly simply say 'help me speak (mention the language)'. So, you will speak in your preferred language say English, but the output will be say Spanish or whatever language you have chosen for translation. 

Priced at $159, the Google Pixel Buds can be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth. On pairing, you can enable Google Assistant, which will alert users about notifications, sending texts, giving directions and so on. Even volume controls are built into the earphones.

You can view the complete video below: