‘Despacito’ is the most streamed song of all time. It is a track by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. Despacito has taken music fiends across the world by storm. The popular song has versions popping up on social media as fans croon and dance to it.

And, the popularity has probably confused Apple's Siri. Otherwise, why would it think the national anthem of Bulgaria is 'Despacito' instead of 'Mila Rodino'.

Yes, you heard that right! Apple's voice assistant, according to Cnet, emitted the result for this question - What is the national anthem of Bulgaria?" as "The national anthem of Bulgaria is Despacito."


It is still unclear from where Siri picked the information. As no information page like Wikipedia of the Bulgaria national anthem, mentions the song.

However, as we write this article, the glitch seems to have been rectified as this is the response we got.

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