Apple’s much awaited wireless ‘AirPods,’ which were revealed along with the launch of iPhone 7, is all set to be made available for the public by Christmas as reports suggest. Earlier, it was supposed to hit the market in October, then it was pushed to November. Finally, Apple has confirmed that the AirPods will be available in the market later this month.


Apple AirPods will have never-before features like optical sensors and accelerometers. These will work with Apple’s in-built W1 chip to detect these earphones in your ears. As a result, they will only play when you are ready to listen. If one removes the earphones from his/her ears, iPhone will automatically pause the music.  


One can also access Siri by double tapping the AirPods to change the music from the menu, adjust the volume and finally check the battery life.


The battery back-up also seems to be incredible as well. Apple claims that these wireless AirPods will run upto 5 hours with full charge.


One will have to shell out quite a lot here in India once it hits in the Indian market. It is to be believed that the AirPods will cost somewhere around ₹ 15,000.