Djokovic, who completed his Career Grand Slam earlier this year by finally winning the Rolland Garros, has been struggling to find the same passion. Other than Toronto Open, he has not won a major tournament since his French Open victory.


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Federer along with Rafael Nadal spoke about Djokovic's struggle. The duo, who are not in World 4 after a very long time, have experienced both ups and downs in their career. Although they said they were surprised with their arch rival's situation, they said tennis is not as important in compared to what life could offer.


"Happiness is other things," Nadal said implying that the Serb could find his happiness elsewhere if he could not generate it by competing and winning tournaments.


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"Life is much more than tennis, for me. In my life, there have always been a lot of important things other than tennis. It's true that tennis has been for the last, I'd say, 20 years an important part of my life, for sure, but in life, there is a lot of more important things than just the game," the King of Clay told


After his French Open win, Djokovic was expected to replicate the same success in other tournaments as well. However, he admitted that his "lost passion" prevented him from performing well in Wimbledon, Olympics and US Open.